Conformity – Phi Kappa Sigma

As a new Freshman, I wasn’t even thinking about greek life. It wasn’t until rush week that I thought about maybe listening to what each house has to say. I saw flyers everywhere about Rush. My best friend, who was a sophomore, was in a fraternity and he had a lot of influence on me too. I went through rush and decided I matched Phi Kappa Sigma more than the other fraternity. At this point in time, I belonged to Queens University of Charlotte and the Class of 2013. I had not taken on any other reference groups that related to college.

I chose Phi Kappa Sigma because I saw a future with them. I felt comfortable with their organization and really believed in their seven core values. My best friend was in it and I knew if that was what he chose, then that is what I should do. I compared him to my values. I accepted him as my friend so he passed my test. If he belonged to Phi Kappa Sigma, then in theory, it should be good for me too. I wanted their name to represent me and vise versa. I am now a fraternity man. I never would have thought I would be labeled that, but I am. Not that I go around flaunting it, but I know at times, I can represent greek life and be a part of a group that others can’t.

At the beginning of my college career, the 2 reference groups I belonged to were important. They were my main focus. Now, as a Senior ready to graduate, I belong to over 12 Queens’ related reference groups, and I’m sure I’m missing some. I love being active and involved. I like to lead and give support whenever I can. I am proud to Represent all of my reference groups. I feel complete and important. My fraternity gives me a home and all the support I need.


Celebrity Endorsements

I used to love watching MTV in high school. I would finish my homework as soon as I would get home from school just so I had nothing to do after dinner. I almost always watch an MTV show at night. My favorite was Viva La BAM. I never missed a new episode. I liked it for many reasons.

  1. I loved watching Jack Ass and this was like an extension of that show
  2. Bam lived about 45min from me so I was familiar with where he was shooting
  3. It was a funny, action-packed show
  4. Viva La BAM was great!

After a few seasons, Bam was landing a lot of endorsements. I remember seeing him all over magazines and commercials. I most recognizably remember Bam as the celebrity endorser for Right Guard, the deodorant company. I actually switched my deodorant because the “power strip” looked so cool. Here’s an example of one of this commercials.

Although he didn’t do much in the commercial, I knew him and thought the product was cool. I believed him. I used to play soccer, skate, BMX, snowboard.. anything that was outside I did. I thought that if the deodorant was good for him, it was perfect for me. I even remember telling my mom which one it was and that she had to get it the next time she went shopping.

I understand he probably didn’t even use it, but he was a credible source to me and it looked so cool. I was willing to listen and able to understand the persuasion. It worked because he was in my associative network. I compared my actions to what he was doing at my age. I saw his success and thought I can do it to. He was popular.

Central Processing

The other day I found myself really thirsty. I was walking from class to the library and didn’t want to walk all the way back to my room in South. I was headed up the stairs in Trexler and realized I had three options to get drinks

1) Dinning hall concession stand

2) Coffee house

3) Water fountain in the library

I usually go for water, but I thought to myself that I needed something that would help me focus and that I can take back to the library. I quickly realized the dinning hall concession stand has Red Bull. I love energy drinks, but I’ll usually only drink Red Bull. It is perfect for me. I am WILLING and ABLE to accept their marketing that influences me. It gives me wings! It needs to be served chill so that the drink is perfection! It has caffeine that will help me stay focused and awake.

A willing person must be involved with the message. They must accept the marketing strategy. A willing person must also realize if the source is credible or not. Red Bull is totally credible! They’ve been around and have great commercials!

A person must also have the ability to be persuaded. They must connect with the persuader. I am instantly connected to Red Bull. They speak my language and show me that it is acceptable to drink in my age group. It’s a trendy drink that makes me look cool.

Red Bull has always had me from the start. I’m their perfect customer. I’ll pay for their product and I’ll drink as much as I can. It’s so refreshing. Their commercials always look great. They are usually fast paced and show something intense like skydiving. I’m into action sports and want a drink to go along with them!

I decided to grab a Red Bull and take it to the library. I wanted to get two, but I didn’t have enough money on me at the time. I was right, it hit the spot and I will definitely get another one soon!

World of Beer

Tonight I went to World of Beer to meet a friend. I knew I was going over to talk, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to purchase a beer, let alone which one I was going to drink. When I opened the door, I got hit by a really good smell. The aroma of beer! It was the first time I had ever smelled beer like that. I was happy and ready to drink.

I sat down and thought to myself that I had just been persuaded to drink. I have been low on money so I was trying not to spend anything… but I gave in. I was persuaded due to the environment and the smell that went with it. The environment is so inviting for drinkers. The bar looks like it has over 30 drafts and and endless supply of bottles. The labeling on all the bottles looked so cool. I wanted to try all of them!

Up to this point, no one had spoken to me and I had already been persuaded to drink. So I got a beer. World of beer was able to get me to spend money based on their atmosphere. I thought that was really cool. It was all nonverbal communication. I only got 2 beers, but I want to go back and try a bunch of them. It’s such an interesting concept.

Social Judgment Theory – Motorola

When the Motorola Razr first cam out, I remember thinking it was an amazing product based on all the advertisements. I thought the thinness for a flip phone was impressive. It wasn’t until I held one that I didn’t like it. They felt cheap and I saw everyone’s Razrs breaking. My dad had one and it would bend the wrong way and hang together by one screw. I couldn’t believe how bad it was. From that point on I always disliked Motorola.

I’m sitting here thinking how silly this sounds, especially because I never owned a Motorola phone. I will not buy one, even though I think some are really awesome looking. My attitude toward the company is poor from previous interactions with their products. Motorola has come a long way with their products. Today their products are mostly known for being “Droids.” Android is my favorite operating system, and yet I have an iPhone. I only look at HTC phones because I loved my experience with my first HTC phone. I am also open to Samsung, but not Motorola. I don’t like Motorola’s “industrial” look of their skin that they put over android. It’s too “techie.” One feature I do like is how well their battery life lasts. The Razr Maxx is amazing! I almost talked myself into buying it, but I couldn’t put my guard down about the company.

I know that Motorola is better today and I’m judging a company based on one product. I am working changing my attitude about their phones. I’ve built an ego of hating them and defending my decision. I think this post has helped me see how stupid I’ve been. Maybe I’ll end up buying a Motorola next time!


Credibility – Super Charge Xtreme

Every week I try to go to the gym at least 4 to 5 times. It’s hard to always go when I feel tired. For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for a pre-workout mix that would give me the energy and endurance I’m looking for. My neighbor, who I look up to, gave me a sample of his pre-workout drink over the summer. I remember it working, but was that the one I wanted to buy again? I’ve been spending time on GNC’s website looking at products and reading reviews. The reason I spent so long looking for a pre-workout mix was because of their prices. It’s not cheap!

I decided GNC was a credible source, and so was my neighbor. I’ve purchased products from GNC before because of their expertise, reputation, history and locations. I listen to my neighbor because he is my friend, he’s experienced when it comes to the gym and he’s trustworthy. I decided to buy Super Charge Xtreme, even though GNC’s website listed other mixes at a better rank. I had already tried it and liked it, the mix was well-liked from GNC and my neighbor and it was also listed at a great price.

I looked for it at the Vitamin Store and another website but they didn’t carry it. I automatically eliminated the random website because it seemed unprofessional. The presentation and usability of a website means a lot to me. I ended up buying Super Charge Xtreme on because GNC stopped selling it and it was a great price online. I am very happy with my choice. It worker great and I will definitely buy it again. I’m not sure why GNC got rid of it, but that should probably be a concern for me. They might have had a health reason to stop selling it. Overall, credibility of the source I’m getting information from is very important when searching for alternatives before purchasing a product.


Mitsubishi Eclipse – Interior

I own a 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse GT and decided to talk about the interior space. For more information and specs about the car, please follow the link above. My eclipse is the perfect first car. It’s fun to drive, looks really nice and is in pretty great condition, inside and out. I really enjoy the interior of my car. When I sit in the car, I’m comfortable. I love how my body is somewhat reclined and that I sit low compared to SUVs.

My eclipse has a low ceiling. I wish I had a sunroof to help make the top feel higher. I like the dark inside. I don’t like beige interiors. I think the lighter colors show more dirt compared to the black.The dashboard is really cool. It looks futuristic and can modified. Check out the video below to see a modified interior. The dashboard has a leather texture. It has four air vents that can be turned 360 degrees. I love them and their functionality. The radio is located in the middle of the dash, but I took it out and replaced it with a new receiver and an amazing sound system. The clock is in the middle on top of the dash. It’s located so everyone can see it.

My car has 4 seats, which is kinda bad for what I need. I have 3 best friends so it fits us all. I do wish it was bigger though because whoever is in the back has to struggle with the low ceiling and glass. They also have no leg room. It’s always uncomfortable for guests. The seats have a handle on the sides so you can recline the seats all the way flat if needed and a bar in the front to move forwards and backwards. Lately I’ve been thinking… I need a larger car for transporting DJ equipment and furniture. I’m at the age that I’ll be moving into apartments and houses and I need/want a truck. The eclipse has served me well, but it’s time to upgrade for something for functional.

Cantina 1511 Booth

Tonight, I decided to eat at Cantina 1511. There were 3 of us and we wanted to sit at a booth. Our booth was really big and could definitely seat 6 people. As we sat down, i was thinking about the surroundings. We were placed in the corner so nothing was behind us. There was a bar in the room and lots of other booths. They didn’t really have many tables except the high-top next to us. I liked how there were plenty of windows, even though it was raining. It helped make the space feel larger.

Our booth was nice to sit at. I remembered a conversation earlier in the year about when eating, people should not sit across or next to each other. People should sit at a 90 degree angle so you don’t have to watch the other person eat their food. It also helps a conversation. When we sat down, I noticed I was directly across from my friend and next to the other. There was no 90 degree angle. I was trying to figure out why this restaurant wanted more booths than tables because surely they know the best layout and seating designs.

The table was dark wood and connected to the walls. The lower half of the wall was wooden panels. The upper half was full of windows. It was nice, but nothing stood out to me. The booths were pretty comfortable. They were well padded and were leather seats with cloth backing. There was only one light that hung above us. I thought it was a little too dark in the corners of our table. The light only shined on the center part of the table. My friends and I enjoyed our meal with no complaints.


Cantina 1511 opened in 2004. It currently has two locations. One is in at 1511 EAST BLVD CHARLOTTE, NC 28203 and the other is located at 7708 REA RD CHARLOTTE, NC 28277. Go check it out to have some great mexican food.